Polikarpov I16 Rata

Polikarpov I16 Rata

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This is a kit for the Polikarpov I16 Rata that is based on the Rocky Russo and Michael Heinrich dimescale plan. I simply scaled the plan and parts to 26" and built according to the dimescale drawing. 

To simplify ordering I have devised five basic kit purchase options (you can customize your order by filling your cart as needed on the various product pages):

  1. Bare bones - a simple short kit with all items described above excluding the plan (you can get the digital plan here and print it yourself and select your prop if you want one here)

  2. Basic - Short kit, and a single sheet folded printed plan (select your prop if you want one here ).

  3. Basic plus - Short kit, a single sheet folded printed plan and a 10.5 inch prop kit

  4. Basic plus Gizmo - Same as 3. but with Gizmo Geezer front end and prop assembly.

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