Mr. Mulligan 24 inch FAC scale

Mr. Mulligan 24 inch FAC scale

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This is a 24 inch wingspan balsa scale model of the famous Mr.Mulligan racer of the late 1930s. This particular plan was drawn with the FAC scale Thompson Trophy mass launch in mind. The design is optimized for free flight so that she should come in at a low all up weight, trim out easily, and be strong enough to withstand the rough and tumble of free flight flying. Don Deloach and I both built prototypes and both came in under 50 grams. 

Special Features: Hand selected and graded wood. DT mechanism designed into the kit, 3D radial engine, built up cowl. Geodetic wing construction around the wing roots. Self jigging flight surface assemblies. 

Kit includes: All wood required to build the model except longerons, and wing spars and leading edges, but including all cross braces for fuselage. Bass for laminating fin and stab outlines. Hardware for DT mechanism. Balsa Wheels. Ply jigs for cowl construction.

Does not include hardware for front end and spars. Does not include tissue.

Plans: you can purchase the kit with a printed plan or you can purchase a digital plan from the digital plans page here

Prop: you can purchase an 9.5 inch prop blank in the prop section.

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