R-1 Chambermaid short kit

R-1 Chambermaid short kit

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This is a 24" short kit for my new chambermaid design which is basically an updated version of the old Henn plan. This new design has a built in DT arrangement (pop-up stab DT using the stab struts as the DT mechanism). The fuselage has been redesigned to have a more scale appearance and the registration numbers etc. have been redrawn for greater accuracy. This plan and kit also offers the builder the option of building either the May 1938 version of the Chambermaid or the Sept 1938 version of the Chambermaid. I have included some extra formers and shown where some formers need to be reshaped slightly by tracing the alternate shape required on the former itself. Kit includes profile pilot and instrument panel.

The basic short kit includes all sheetwood parts including the wing trailing edges and a vacuum formed canopy. The spinner and nose blisters are now rendered in balsa because they look nice and are easier to install and repair. You can download print files to print the cream tissue required for free from the tissue art section (just make a "purchase" on that page; you will not be charged). 

Plans: you can purchase the kit with a printed plan (two options: cheap 11x17 tiled plan or more expensive single sheet plan) or you can purchase a digital plan from the digital plans page here and print it yourself.

Prop: you can purchase a 10 inch prop blank in the prop section here

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