John Morrill's Miss World's Fair Embryo

John Morrill's Miss World's Fair Embryo


This is a short kit for John Morrill’s beautiful Miss World’s Fair embryo from 2005 (that is the late John Morrill in the picture; the model in the pictures was built by David Wagner). I got to see John fly this airplane back in 2005 and it was a beauty. Very stable and very consistent. You will definitely want to install the DT for this one.

Short kit includes all of the 1/20” 1/8” and 3/32” sheet wood, plus ply reinforcements pieces for the wheels, spats, front end, and DT mechanism. I have also included a form for the laminated twin fins and all of the verticals and cross pieces for the fuselage. You have to supply TE and LE and longerons plus other strip wood, and tissue plus hardware.

Go to the digital plans page to download a free augmented copy of the plan that goes with this short kit.

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