E-Nostalgia T-Bird 200 (36")

E-Nostalgia T-Bird 200 (36")

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36 inch wingspan electric nostalgia T-Bird. This kit is based on the Midwest plan but with the modifications recommended by Dan McGinnes in the May-Jun issue of the 2012 NFFS Digest based on the tips and T-Bird tricks he picked up from the likes of Ron Sharpton, Joe Clawson, Dick Covalt and Don DeLoach. These modifications result in a very strong structure that will resist long-term warping and flutter and also standup to unplanned arrivals. The standard and deluxe kits includes parts required for a low mounted timer in the lower fuselage or a timer mounted in the motor/battery/ESC pod.

Performance: I have found that the T-Bird is an excellent model for beginners. I have always been a rubber flyer and was able to get my cut down 1/2A T-Bird (I simply cut the tips off of the wing and stab of my old midwest T bird to get a quick and dirty E36) trimmed-out quickly and easily. It goes up vertically with a left roll and is very forgiving of poor launches and has an excellent transition. With the right Prop-Motor-ESC- Battery combination it is a spectacular performer getting up to over 150 m in 10 sec. (I use Graupner folding prop, Cobra E36 motor, Castle talon 15Amp ESC, and Turnigy Bolt 500 mAh battery).

The kit comes in three versions:

  1. Bare bones: a basic kit of wing ribs, tip plates and the ply parts for the wings, and fuselage and a plan. Fuselage sheetwood, fin, spars, and leading and trailing edges are NOT included.

  2. Standard kit: Everything required to build the model including notched trailing edges, fuselage sheet wood and fin, 3D printed motor mount and a plan. This kit will also include a small hardware pack with DT line, nylon bolts, tubes for running the DT line, and Carbon rods for wing hold downs. Does NOT include the wing and stab spars, leading edges and fuselage longerons.

  3. Deluxe kit: Same as “2” above but with the additional of an E36 tiny timer and a micro servo.

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