Blizzard E36 by John O'Sullivan

Blizzard E36 by John O'Sullivan

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This is a short kit for John O’Sullivan’s Blizzard E36. This is a high performance all balsa E36 design that is easy to build and has a proven high performance with the right battery/motor/ESC combo. The kit includes everything required to build the model except spars, leading edges and and carbon components. See a very detailed build thread with lots of photos and flight as well as contest performance data here

The kit comes in three versions:

  1. Bare bones: a basic kit of wing/stab ribs, and the ply parts for the wings, and fuselage and a plan. Fuselage sheetwood, fin, spars, and leading and trailing edges are NOT included.

  2. Standard kit: All sheet parts required to build the model including notched trailing edges, fuselage sheet wood and fin, 3D printed motor mount, all ply parts and a plan. This kit will also include a small hardware pack with DT line, nylon bolts, and tubes for running the DT line. Does NOT include the wing and stab spars, leading edges, fuselage longerons and carbon cap material.

  3. Deluxe kit: Same as “2” above but with the additional of an E36 tiny timer.

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