Simple CGer

Simple CGer


Complete Small CGer assembled in-house with your name engraved on the separate parts. Made smaller for maximum portability; good for accurate measurements of CG for FAI models (F1A,H,B,G,C,J,andQ) as well as med to small AMA and scale models. Carry it to the contest with you so that you can make accurate adjustments on the field.

Important: For models with depth (bottom of wing at CG to bottom of fuselage at CG) greater than 8.5 cm or 3.25 inches go to Medium (15 cm/6" depth) or Large CGers (20 cm/7.8").

This unit disassembles and stows in the wooden base for portability. 

Simple CGer kit comes with all of the parts you need to make a simple CGer (see instruction book on Downloads page). You will need the following to assemble your CGer: wood glue and cyano acrylate (super glue) as well as a 6-32 thread tap and a 5/64ths or 2 mm drill bit, and some sanding blocks with medium and coarse grit sandpaper. Some finishing of the wooden base/carrying case will be required to get your CGer to look like the one in the photos.  

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This is the assembled version. I build it for you and send you the completed unit with your name engraved on the separate parts.