Pitch Gauge for F1B and F1G

Pitch Gauge for F1B and F1G

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You can buy a basic pitch gauge or you can upgrade to one that has your name engraved. The premium option includes a birch case with hinged lid and magnetic latch. Each of these options are available for the combined F1B/F1G gauges as well. 

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For orders requiring an F1G front end holder I need additional information:

1. Please send me the dimensions of the parts indicated in red in the diagram below (oblique view of F1G front end from below). 

2. Please tell me if you use a set prop diameter on your F1Gs and therefore need your F1G front end holder set in a specific position (not adjustable); if this is the case tell me your prop diameter. If you want an adjustable unit then your gauge will have a slot with a scale along side so that you can slide the F1G holder to the correct position for the prop you wish to use.

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