Waco SRE (yellow and black)

Waco SRE (yellow and black)


This tissue art was created for the peanut Walt Moony Waco SRE plan. For this particular model I printed the tissue and then chalked it with white chalk before hitting it with artist's fixative to get a lovely rich, opaque result. 

If you want the color scheme for a different aircraft send me an email.

These are high-quality digital tissue print files created using adobe Illustrator.  What you will get is a PDF file with the pages ready for printing. All I need to know is the size of your model (wingspan) the print size you will be working with (8.5x11; 11x17, 13x19 etc.) and the plan you used for your build (you will be directed to provide this info. when you select an item).

Note: Printing tissue for a large model on a small printer is quite tricky. If you have a large model then you might consider our preprinted tissue option (we use a 13x19 printer).

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