P51B Ding Hao

P51B Ding Hao


This tissue art is for the famous Ding Hao aircraft flown by Col. James Howard in the air battle that won him the Congressional Medal of Honour (the only one awarded to a European theatre fighter pilot during WWII). Also notable is that Howard was one of the only pilots to achieve the status of "Ace" in both the Pacific and European theatres (note; Japanese AND Nazi kill markings).  This art was created using the Golden Age Reproductions plan (24").

If you want the scheme for a different aircraft send me an email.

These are high-quality digital tissue print files created using adobe Illustrator.  What you will get is a PDF file with the pages ready for printing. All I need to know is the size of your model (wingspan) the print size you will be working with (8.5x11; 11x17, 13x19 etc.) and the plan you used for you build (you will be directed to provide this info. when you select an item).

Note: Printing tissue for a large model on a small printer is quite tricky. If you have a large model then you might consider our preprinted tissue option (we use a 13x19 printer).

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