Printed Tissue for Cessna Cr3 Peanut scale

Printed Tissue for Cessna Cr3 Peanut scale

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This is a printed tissue set for the Cessna CR3. It is available in three sizes (you will get the option to choose which one you want when you add it to your cart. NOTE add one item at a time you can’t add all three on one operation).

For the peanut: You will receive two 11x17 printed tissue sheets containing all of the panels required to cover your model.

For 16 inch model: You will receive two printed tissue sheets; one 11x17 and one 13x19 sheet.

For 24” model: You will receive four 13x19 printed tissue sheets and one 11x17 sheet. This print consumes a ton of the expensive pigment and so price is higher.

Printing is done on white Japanese tissue using waterproof epson durabright pigments. If you desire greater opacity then you should dust the tissue with design master white, or carefully chalk the tissue (use yellow chalk in this case).

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