1/2 Flying Cloud wakefield

1/2 Flying Cloud wakefield

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This is a short kit based on a drawing and laser files by Paul Bradley (see his fantastic site here). The Flying Cloud is a 1941 Hank Struck design. Paul scaled it 50% and then redrafted a CAD plan and instruction booklet (see digital plans page for free downloads) and completed a test build (his prototype model is pictured to the left).

The short kit includes all of the sheet wood required to assemble the model including trailing edges and fuselage cross pieces. You supply long strip wood, and wing sheeting.

See Paul’s April 30 2018 completion notes below

“Dry weight as seen in the photos is 27.8 grams. Just a tad under the minimum weight allowed. I will wait to add ballast until I know where it will balance with rubber in the fuselage.

The prop is 7.5" in diameter and was created on my 3D printer. The prop layout is my own. It will likely get adjusted as I am able to gain flying experience with the model. Covering is ink jet printed tissue. All color was applied with the ink jet printer.”

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