Grumman Skyrocket dime scale short kit.

Grumman Skyrocket dime scale short kit.

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This is a short kit for the Grumman Skyrocket twin dime scale designed by Pete Kaiteris and published in the FAC newsletter. This particular kit spans 16 inches and falls into the “Dime Scale” class. Kit comes with all of the sheet wood required to build the model, a vac formed cockpit canopy, a plan, and some art for the pilot, cockpit, and engines. You can also opt for a pair of prop blank kits (you have to assemble the prop blanks and carve the props). The prop kits include plywood core material to ensure a basic level of durability for the props. The plan is available for free on the digital plans page and as a $5 purchase if you want a paper plan with the parts sheets all laid out and ready for gluing onto balsa wood and my cockpit and engine art.

Standard long kit with all of the sheet wood and the strip wood mentioned above.

Three kit options are available

  1. Standard kit with all of the sheet wood including precept cross pieces, longerons and spars. It also comes with a canopy and high resolution art for engines and scale details. No props included.

  2. Same as above but including a pair of 5” prop kits.

  3. Same as 2 but includes printed tissue set.

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