Advanced "Bee" Hummer Catapult Glider

Advanced "Bee" Hummer Catapult Glider

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This is a small 8.5 inch span catapult glider named for the smallest of the hummingbirds; the “Bee” Hummer. This model comes in two variants the simple and advanced. This one is the advanced version which comes with a 3/32” wing which is designed to be sanded to a precise airfoil and should be good for serious performance flying. These models can float for minutes in the lightest lift; you can expect to lose them so the kits will have a minimum of three gliders in each pack. See build and flight instructional videos here

For a general primer on catapult gliders go here

Both kit variants will come as a three pack (three models in a pack) and the simple version will come in six and twelve packs for classroom projects, family fun, and party projects. All kits will include a set of build jigs (one set per three models) and a set of launch sticks with rubber. You can choose whether you need one stick per glider or one stick per pack.

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