Cat glider fuselage kit

Cat glider fuselage kit

from 25.00

I am supplying cat glider fuselages in three sizes:

Small (for ~12” gliders with sub 2 g boom)

Medium ( for ~16” gliders with 3-4g boom)

Large (for ~18-20” gliders with 3-5g boom)

Each fuselage comes with a boom, 6 mm Chicago screw pivot wing mount and all the parts required to make the basic fuselage. The fuselage comes with parts to build a very simple silly putty timer (see video) including a small blob of silly putty and three discs to make a timer activation and release wheel (you only supply short sections of Al 3/32 and 1/16 tubing). I also supply a short length of Hercules braided line.

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